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I won't tell about what is going on in Lithuania and it's culture, looking from outside.

If you are interested about it, you can check social website, facebook group [url=]"what is going on in Lithuania" wall.[/url]

But many with strong preconception, have there own conclusions and ignore boring complains about what is wrong. That's how we are the way we are.

I will ask very clear:

Do you want to clean Lithuania from various kind of public immoralities, nudities, mockeries from Angels, children and all what is innocent? Or you don't see anything wrong here and you need it?
Do you support such as [url=]feesna[/url] (from MySpace), [url=]Sexodromas (fake dark angel)[/url], [url=]Sin TOP-10 (Nuodėmių dešimtukas)[/url], MTV Sandra. For example: I haven't seen any similar foreign Club website, as it was made for advertising Pacha Vilnius. With no warning and shocking content, what is changed now. The same as absent fairies website. And I could find much more similar examples.

[b]Will you believe in good significance after looking at this one - sexity "angel":

The problem is that there is no Law for internet websites (requirements). There is only for government institutions. And it looks like there are many who protect all such "fairies", there services, blocking, deleting, if there is someone who complains, revolt, make fun. Or have suspicions. That's how it is even dangerous to talk about it.
Besides, people have some very strange imagination about Lithuania. Many people, who never been to foreign, imagine that we are Centre of European Culture. What looks funny, after coming back from foreign, discovering what is discrimination. Because foreign wants to get rid of "some nationalities". And there are people, who reject the truth, keeping there own sweet lie.

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Jei būtum tikra Lietuvos pilietė ir tau rūpėtų Lietuvos ateitis, tai ir tekstą rašytum taisyklinga lietuvių kalba... Amoralu...
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-0001-11-30 / 00:00
lithuania in interpol web site is described like tranzit station from west to east and back [women, guns, narcotiks] and corrupt goverment. and it's truth.

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