Panaikinti senu zmoniu prieziuros seimos rate ribojimus per naujaji karantina

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  • Autorius: Rolandas Motiekaitis
  • Adresuota: Lietuvos Respublikos seimas
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New Lithuanian government has recently taken upon themselves to impose new set of Covid restrictions across the Lithuania.

This is absolutely nessesary and is really welcomed by many- in Lithuania as well as Lithuanians across the world.

Clearly, previous government has done absolutely nothing during the first wave of pandemic, hense the recent numbers of deaths and infections. However, new restrictions mean that cross- city boarders are now severally restricted to the extent where a family member can not go and delivery any essentials to their loved ones.

Police, on the other hand, have been advising people they should arrange "a social cariers" instead. Then the new minister Monika Navickiene said " the situation is very serious...". Monika, people know that! What are you suggesting? This is not a solution, our elderly are being stripped of a life line and support they had in these difficult times and the social cariers can not guarantee the protection that family member can. Meaning no disrespect, but a social carier usually is looking after more than a few people per day and so how can Lithuanian government and its ministers say that this is a solution? Someone who's exposed to multiple daily contacts as opposed to the family member who's there only once every one or two weeks?

These restrictions have stripped our elderly and family members of a simple human rights to look after our family members and endangering them more than delivering solution. Lithuania has not yet announced the extreme situation across the country and so these restrictions are beyond its law makers reach.

Lithuanian prime minister, Ingrida Simonyte should and must review these restrictions and adjust it to the reality of the situation. A "blanket thinking" simply does not work here nor is it delivering desired result.

Peticija gali būti panaudota politinėje ar partijų veikloje, teikiant siūlymus valstybinėms institucijoms.